I click CONNECT to connect to the server, but nothing happens

If you are on the GameServer site and are attempting to connect to a server, but nothing is happening and you see this screen:

Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Ensure you have installed all of the necessary software. Go to the Software page for all of the installation instructions.
  2. Your browser may prompt you that the page wants to open FiveM. It could be at the top (Chrome) or bottom (IE/Edge) or in a notification (FireFox). Look around for the prompt and Allow the connection.
  3. If you still experience issues, open a ticket on the Discord or reach out to a member of CoC.

I go to connect to a server, but there are no servers in the list

If there are no servers available to you, please check with your CoC.

FiveM shows a message to sign up at elitejusticerp.com

Usually if you see this message, but you are a member, it is because the Server couldn’t get your SteamID. The first thing to do is make sure Steam is open on your computer.

If Steam is open but you’re still seeing this message, go to the #request-help channel in discord for assistance.

FiveM is showing a strange error when trying to connect

Most common FiveM errors can be resolved by simply restarting FiveM. If you need to restart your FiveM client, simply click CANCEL on the Game Site connecting prompt and try again.

If the problem persists, visit the #request-help channel on discord for assistance.